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Most couples derive a great deal of pleasure from the selection of their wedding music, choosing background music for the reception and wedding breakfast, and their playlist for the evening, from the first dance to the finishing number. Your wedding is a great opportunity to indulge your own personal tastes and preferences in music - although this should always be done with a mind for the wedding guests, and for making an enjoyable evening all round, since this is the image you'll wish to remember!

All that can be done depends on your budget, although careful planning may reduce your costs. At the least expensive end, a wedding disco can work out quite an economical way of providing music of your choice not only for the party in the evening, but for the afternoon too. Don't forget that with our playlist system you can request classical music, or other relaxing styles for the afternoon period before and even during the meal.

If you would like a solo singer to perform alongside your DJ, don't forget that many of our DJs also offer cabaret and band services as a part of their main DJ service. Again, it is important to remember that costs can be reduced quite substantially by hiring a duo or solo artist - whether a general 60s to present day cabaret artist or a tribute artist.

We would like to think that our DJ database can supply for every eventuality, however there are still occasions when a customer contacts us for something just a little more unusual or exotic - in these instances we are happy to research your needs for you and to act on your behalf, should you wish. We pride ourselves on our resourcefulness in locating performers for theme events, for example Arabic wedding entertainment, medieval musicians or Greek wedding music.

When selecting your wedding music, our staff will happily spend time making pratical suggestions and guiding you into the best use of the resources at your disposal - and we're always willing to hear about your individual areas of concern - this helps us to develop our service, and knowledge-base. If you are interested in booking your music, but are still at the decision-making stage as regards content, then please drop us a line at at this link , and we'll try to help you formulate your ideas.

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