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A hugely rewarding experience

"Given a recording session as a gift from my husband, I was simply terrified at first having only ever sung in my car or the bath! But The Beehouse made it fun, interesting and a hugely rewarding experience. Thank you so much - I had a superb time!"
Kim, Southampton

Recording Studio Experience For Two with Video : £250

Recording Studio Experience For One with Video : £200

Here's a wonderful idea to introduce a heightened sense of romance into your wedding reception and the time leading up to your big day, as well as impressing all your guests!!

Either both bride and groom or just one attends the studio to sing a song for their partner. Work with our recording specialists and producers to ensure that your song is recorded to perfection and perfectly tuned.

During the process we will video the songs recorded.

The recordings may either be personal gifts between the bride and groom, or if you book with a Receptionz DJ for your wedding; we will ensure that you are booked with a DJ who can liaise with you to play your video/s back at the optimum moment of your reception for maximum effect.

Whether a surprise or a scheduled part of the event, this will most likely remain a memorable feature of your reception for yourselves and all your guests for many years to come.

This package is made available at a discounted cost to all customers working with a Receptionz wedding planner.

Special deluxe package only available from Receptionz

or visit our studio website for other packages and services.


The Beehouse, located at SY225LD provides a high quality facility at a unique and stunning location within striking distance of the following areas. Record your own song, record a song for you loved one, for your wedding, or simply spend a day singing or or playing the music you love best.
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