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Kerrang! Radio DJ Alex Baker serenades his bride-to-be in a one-off purpose written track. Not for the faint-hearted!

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Stag Party Recording in a Fab Setting

We had an amazing Stag Do, thank you so much! Such a laugh would definitely recommend it for a fun afternoon. The journey here is an adventure in itself and what a fab setting!

Thank you so much x
Cheryl Kelly
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Stag Party Recording Studio Experience

(If singing to backings isn't your thing, click here for a band recording day - great for a nostaligia trip)

A stag party recording studio experience at this professional recording studio offers you three hours for up to 12 of you of singing, playing instruments or whatever you wish, with a disc of what you record at the end cut to professional standards. Not only a brilliant and fun way of getting together with all your mates, but you will get a record of what you do that will bring back memories of your stag party for years to come!

Receptionz package
Booking through Receptionz means that you have access to some very exciting and unique packages, including the chance to make a video recording of one of your tracks for virtually the same price as a normal singing package. (£280). This discount is not available with any other booking procedure. If you would like to book this package, please click here for instructions.

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In general, stag recording parties without video cost between £250 and £300 for the session which can take place on any day of the week, you can pick suitable tracks from our huge studio selection, or if there's a favourite track we don't list, we'll obtain it from our supplier where possible. You can add the video in at a £100 surcharge. Some stag parties take things as they come, others prepare in earnest. It's best to have a brief practice before arriving so that everyone knows what they'll be singing - and try to learn those words!

When you arrive, you'll spend a little time warming up and then into the studio to start the recording studio experience process. You can sing all together or take different parts of the same song, we are happy to to record any style you like. Bring your lunch, or order in a hamper and we'll do the rest, including presenting you with your own souvenir copies of the event .

The Beehouse prides itself on its informal relaxed atmosphere, and stag parties are the perfect occasion to experience that special Beehouse ability to record the essence of the moment and for everyone to have a great time.

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