The Beehouse is an active commercial recording studio with a variety of professional and amateur projects constantly being developed. This is a diary of current or recent recording activities, not including our recording studio experience days. You can keep up to date with all the latest news right here or why not like us on Facebook?

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Beehouse Open Mic Returns

In 2011- 12 , the Beehouse recording studio ran a series of Open Mic nights in the local area for recording clients and the general public. If you haven’t performed much in public then this is a great opportunity for you! Open Mic nights provide a great night's entertainment and a welcome audience for both seasoned performers and newcomers . The Talent Nights are available to a growing number of talented individuals, including singer songwriters, cabaret artists, bands of all descriptions, solo musicians and much more!

We are hoping to do several open mic nights throughout the year and if you are interested or you know someone who might be interested then please contact the studio or simply turn up on the night. You can keep up to date with the latest news on Facebook & Twitter and to find out more about the studio or the open mic nights then please visit our website. The next Open Mic night will be held at the Old New Inn, Llanfyllin on the 15th of February.

3rd January 2013

Beehouse & Song Galaxy

Happy New Year to everyone from all of us here at the recording studio! The Beehouse is already steaming into the New Year and there is plenty of exciting news coming in the next few days, weeks and months! The Beehouse Recording Studio is well known for its professional facilities and high quality vocal recording which leads us on to the studio's next challenge & project involving Song Galaxy.

Who are Song Galaxy and what do they have to do with the Beehouse? Established in the late '90s, Song Galaxy has well over a decade of experience in the music industry, and provides high quality, professional backing tracks and software tools to musicians, bands and singers. The company is located in Edinburgh, but both backing tracks and software are available for immediate download anywhere in the world. They have over 10000 Audio Backing Tracks and 20000 MIDI-files, from Rock classics to Country favourites, plus the hottest current Chart songs, which are all available from their online shop.

Over recent years, Song Galaxy has become a preferred supplier of backing tracks to the Beehouse, and good relations have been established between them on a variety of levels. This year the studio has been selected to provide vocals for a series of high quality backing tracks and multi tracks. The Beehouse recording studio and studio artists are very much looking forward to the prospect of working on this project with Song Galaxy.

The Beehouse is currently working with a number of local vocalists on this and other projects, and it is a realistic possibility that talented vocalists who attend the studio for a recording day may be contacted for other work as the output of the studio and its reputation continue to grow.

2nd November 2012

Caroline Peel - 'With You'

On Friday the 2nd of November we welcomed back Caroline Peel to The Beehouse. She has been busy writing new songs and she is at the studio today to record her latest track 'With You'.

Her latest track is being recorded at The Beehouse studio over the next couple of days and both the staff and Caroline are very excited about the new song. A live version of the song was uploaded to Youtube and received over 10,000 views in less than 48 hours. Caroline is hoping to release the song in the coming month and the track will soon be available for download at Noochoon.

Caroline Peel is a singer/songwriter originally from West Wales. She currently studies Performing Arts at the Italia Conti Academy Theatre of Arts in London. Her music style is somewhat kooky and quirky and could be looked upon as being unique. She has been writing music for around 6 years and in 2011 she released her debut album 'Our Ammunition'. Caroline has been coming to The Beehouse since she was 11 years old and she has never looked back since.

Caroline undoubtedly has a promising career ahead of her and we wish here all the best for the future.

11th October 2012

Lorraine Lionheart at The Beehouse

Lorraine Lionheart is a young female singer/songwriter who is originally from Botswana but is now based in the UK. She started singing at a very early age of 4. She stopped singing for a very long time due to a lack of confidence but after realising she had the ability and skills to write and compose she gained more and more confidence. As she gained confidence, she uncovered a raw talent – The ability to sing and write her own music. As a singer, she is very unique and has an outstanding voice which she can adapt to sing a wide range of styles.
On Wednesday the 10th of October she came to The Beehouse recording studio to record and finalise her two newest songs which she had written herself. Phil and Lorraine Lionheart have been working very hard to produce two brilliant tracks and they are hoping to release them as soon as possible. The tracks will soon be available to download at Noochoon
. We caught up with Lorraine Lionheart while she was in the studio recording her new material:
Who are your inspirations and who would you most like to be compared to? I have lots of people/artists who inspire me! Musically I would love to be as good as Miriam Makeba or Angelique Kidjo
What is your project about?
What is your impression of The Beehouse?? ‘I like The Beehouse studio. I feel like they understand the style of music that I wanted to perform and they always ensure that I’m happy with the final product. They are easy going and laid back yet very professional. They have been very patientto get the tracks to how I wanted them. I’m very happy and I will continue to do more songs here. Here at The Beehouse we welcome new artists with open arms. Lorraine Lionheart has made 3 appearances here at the studio and she never failed to impress. We are looking forward to working with her again very soon. 

11th October 2012

RPMI Newsletter Constructed at Beehouse

Phil has been very busy in the studio over the past few days working on the latest edition of Pen Friend. Pen Friend is an audio/CD version of the newsletter provided by the Railway Pensions Scheme. The Railway Pensions Scheme is based in Darlington, north east England. On Monday the 8th of October, Phil and the team were hard at work recording the new newsletter. In the coming weeks Phil will be putting the recordings together and adding backing tracks before the CD will be made and sent to RPMI. 
The Beehouse have been working with RPMI for the past 4 years in creating a high quality audio version of the newsletter for the blind and partially sighted. The CD for the semi-annual newsletter for Autumn/Winter 2012 is currently being mastered right here at The Beehouse and will be released on the 31st of October 2012. For more information about the Beehouse click here
Or if you wish to find out a bit more about Pen Friend and the newsletter then visit

171th September 2012

Donna Davies and Virtual Domain

In the coming weeks, Donna will be reappearing at The Beehouse Recording Studio where she will be recording 'Y Byd Ffantasi', a Welsh translation of the song 'Virtual Domain' which was originally written by

Donna is a young and talented singer, with an outstanding voice. She has been singing from an early age and she relishes the opportunity to compete. Not only this, but she also loves to perform at local festivals, gigs and parties. She continues to gig around the county and perform whenever she can. On the 6th of October, you can catch Donna at the Blackberry Fair in Whitchurch. She is also very busy lining up gigs and events in and around the local community, and is developing an ever-growing repertoire of new and established tracks for a variety of markets.

Donna continues to compete in events around the area. Most recently, she went to The Oxon in Shrewsbury where they held a singing competition with a whopping £10,000 prize! Donna did very well and finished in 3rd place. The young talent has also made several radio appearances in the past year including an appearance on TV’s S4C. In July 2012 she was interviewed on SouthSide Radio. ‘Fe Wnaf/I do’ also featured on Radio Hafren 3 times earlier in the year. In August 2012, she was interviewed on national television on S4C’s ‘Prynhawn Da’. During the show, she was interviewed and she also got the opportunity to perform. On Wednesday the 26th of September, Donna will be interviewed on Radio Maelor (Wrexham Hospital Radio Station) at 8pm. Donna has a very busy couple of months ahead and she is very much looking forward to performing on local radio stations and completing live gigs.

Donna's next track is her version of the song Virtual Domain. The song was written about a modern-day Cinderella who longs to have real friends, but confines herself to Facebook.  The song was translated by Manon Watkins and Donna will be singing both the English and Welsh version 'Y Byd Ffantasi'. You can listen to the English version sung by Caroline Peel. Donna's version will shortly be available on Noochoon, and she is hoping to realise some serious radio play to promote her new recording.

21st June 2011

Caroline Peel records debut album

Caroline Peel Records Debut Album at The Beehouse Over the last few weeks we have been enjoying the talents of singer songwriter Caroline Peel at the Beehouse. Caroline has been recording a putting together the last tracks on her debut album - Our Ammunition and appears just on the brink of a fantastic career.

A formidable talent with fantastically precise and well-conceived vocal lines Caroline is currently living in London where she is studying at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts.
Caroline has been coming to The Beehouse since she was 11 years old. She is now 19. With a crystal clear tone and never a need for tuning, Caroline lays down all vocals impeccably first time, which makes our job much easier of course.

Caroline has written the tracks for this album herself, with production carried out by Lane and Lane. Check out Caroline's finished tracks so far on her new website
Tracks range in style from dubstep to cutting edge electronic pop, supported by incisive futuristic lyrics and retro harmonies combined with fresh up-to-the-minute production focus and include " Love Again ", " Raindrops ", " Our Ammunition ", " Human Satellites " and " Broken Hearts and Shattered Dreams ".

Caroline's website was designed by Beehouse, our in-house web design company.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Perfect Love Song for a Brave New World

Molan Spectrum have been on the move again. "Perfect Love Song" is a brand new track, written by Jan Mosiewicz, produced by Lane and Lane at the Beehouse and finally remixed by the Thin Red Men, incorporating the powerful and perfect voice of Molan's latest star, Laura.

With its own very current video, the Beehouse is expecting the track to do well in its radio and TV campaign launched last week. At 17, Laura is a girl of many talents - brave enough to sing to the Pope, in Birmingham in front of an audience of 55,000, and also daring enough to take on and make her own a number of Molan Spectrum tracks.

Perfect Love Song can be purchased on Noochoon in any of its variations - Club, Dub, Radio etc.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Powys Regeneration Partnership Video

The Beehouse has now completed the final phase of a 3 and a half  hour video production with incidental music for the Powys Regeneration Partnership. The PRP was set up to oversee the development, management and implementation of projects in Powys funded by the EU and is being released in English and Welsh. 

Mantra CDs and Recording (T/A The Beehouse) was successful in winning the contract to produce the video last year and has been filming a variety of different projects throughout the Winter. Although filming through some of the most inclement weather conditions possible, the end results have been all the more stunning in the variety of landscape colour and atmosphere as a result. The Video explores the considerable achievements of those businesses that have secured help through the PRP Rural Development Plan. It provides a snapshot of some of the initiatives involved, with interviews and a commentary, to an accompaniment of original classical and neo-classical music produced at the studio.

The video production crew, headed by Philip Lane has been all over Powys interviewing business owners who have benefited from being part of the scheme. Interviews have taken place in both English and Welsh.

The project is divided into 16 parts, including Taste of Powys, Wild and Green Tourism, Low Carbon Communities, Festivals and Events, Chance to Create, Leaping Stiles and many more.

Meinir Jones of Meta Translations has recently attended the studio to record the translations (see picture). The English script was developed and narration was carried out by Jane Lane from the Beehouse.

Background Music

The video contains many examples of background music and classical exerpts developed by Lane and Laneand licensed for use in the project, and also showcases a growing area of expertise in video editing, soundtrack production and commercial music.


The scripting of the video was carried out by Jane Lane based on information provided by the PRP.

Video Quality

The video is shot in HD quality and will be available on Youtube as well as throughout Council buildings and on the relevant websites for each project.

All videos will shortly be available bilingually on  the Youtube Channel "Noochoon" at this link.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

She Said

George Hollyhead first visited the recording studio in January 2010 during the phenomenally bad ice and winter weather when he and his father walked in out of three foot deep snowdrifts, and we have been amazed ever since! His latest recording She Said , is now available at this link on Youtube, on Noochoon's Video Channel.

This is a recording he made here at Recording Studio of a song called 'She Said' a popular song in China where George lives and works.This is just an example of more to come from George, who records regularly at the Beehouse who manages to combine  stunning vocals and performance skills with his unique talent in Mandarin Chinese. George records bi-lingually, both in English and Chinese, and sounds equally good in both. We are considering re-naming the studio "Two Dragons Studio" as a consequence!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Railways Pensions CD

Phil is busy in the studio this week doing the final edit of the Railway Pensions Audio CD. This is one of our regular contracts - recording, producing and duplicating the Audio CD which is sent out to partially sighted members of the Railway pensions scheme who would have difficulty reading their printed newsletter.

Penfriend, as the newsletter is called, incorporates the Pensions news and a summary of their accounts, news and articles of interest for and contributed by railway pensioners.

We have 2 local actors who come into the studio to record the newsletter, Sharon Calder and Tony Skeggs. The CDs contain excerpts of music written by Jane Lane and produced by Lane and Lane Music.

This is our 4th year successfully producing the Penfriend Audio CD bi-annually at The Beehouse, and demonstrates the breadth of the professional audio projects Mantra CDs and Recording takes on here in the studio.