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Full Experience Description

The Trumpet Experience is an opportunity for anyone who enjoys playing the any type of trumpet to bring it into the environment of a recording studio in order to record either classical pieces with or without accompaniment, or to learn how to use the trumpet in the context of pop music or contemporary recordings.

You can read a full description lower down this page and the experience can be booked as a music experience for 3, 4, 5 or 10 hours at the links in the box below.

How much time?
3 hr experience  £160

4 hr experience    £200
5 hr experience    £250
10 hr experience £450

recording gift voucher

The Trumpet Recording Course is one of a series of one-day and two-day music experiences available as gifts or a gift to yourself!

If you would like to come and record either traditional or classical trumpet pieces, or indeed jazz, or learn how to add trumpet lines to a pop arrangement, or maybe combine this versatile instrument with other instruments or vocals in a commercial studio environment, then we can certainly arrange that for you within this experience, allowing you to take home an absolutely unique recording as a souvenir.

At £250, the Recording Studio Experience Voucher gives you five hours in a professional recording studio. You can use this time either to record trumpet music directly to CD , or to record trumpet lines to your favourite music, or to learn more about how trumpet lines work within a modern or traditional recording track. You can even have a keyboard based trumpet experience if you wish, learning to set trumpet parts to well known tracks or your own compositions. And at the end of your day you receive a commercial CD of your recordings at the studio

During your experience you get the opportunity to Work with a music production specialist to learn about new styles or ways of incorporating trumpet lines into your music.

If you know someone who's a keen trumpet player, this is the ideal gift for them! (*All trumpet experience vouchers or other specialist vouchers can be used as general recording studio experiences if so desired. Your voucher is totally flexible and you can book to record whichever styles, instruments or combinations you like. )

There is also a three hour mini-experience available at £160.

If you are interested in combining trumpet with other instruments you play, or vocals, just mention this when booking, we're very flexible!

More recording experiences....

Our recording studio experiences are acknowledged through our extensive reviews system to be amongst the most genuine products on the market, with the quality of the end product certainly "good enough for national radio play" as testified by DJ Alex Baker from Kerrang! Radio. Dealing directly with a recording studio that has been offering all types of experiences for eight years now, you can be assured that your experience will be a unique event, tailored just for your needs. As a specialist recording studio, you can be sure you'll get the best of all worlds.

The trumpet recording experience is just one of a catalogue of many gift experiences which we are pleased to offer to the general public. As musicians, we derive great pleasure and enjoyment from working with others on whatever musical projects they wish, and this is why we feel able to devote such attention to detail in the provision of our recording services. Please check our lists for the type of recording experience you are looking for, and contact us with your request if you don't find it.

Trumpet Recording Studio Experience description:

* A beautiful voucher for the experience day by first class post, with a personal letter describing the gift.
* A commercial standard disc and MP3 of your recording.
* Free use of the studio in-house backings (many thousands). Two tracks may also be bought in from our approved supplier at our expense, within the cost of the 5 hr voucher, or one track for the 3 hr voucher.
* Use of trumpet recording software, and synthesised trumpet voices where appropriate.
* Flexibility to record other instruments.
* Tuning and editing assistance if needed, for that final product!
* Production help with original music.
* Vocal and/or microphone coaching where required.
* Up to four may come with you to back you up, and take photographs.
* Suitable for up to three participants.
* Suitable for all ages - staff are CRB checked.
*An MP3 of your recording also available on the day

End of Description

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Hidden Extras:

* The recording studio is set in an isolated location in outstanding unique countryside. Spend the night at a local bed and breakfast, or hotel, or camp out.

* Recording studio staff have between them both a high level of musical experience and training, and various teaching and languages qualifications. Well equipped to make anyone feel at ease.

* Your studio production engineer, Phil, has a great rate of success even with the shyest individuals. We enjoy the experiences, and so will you!

* We are totally flexible and musical. If you decide at the last minute that you're bringing your flugelhorn instead, we'll be delighted, and play in all the backings for you! Please surprise us!

The trumpet recording studio experience is just one of many musical experience days offered at the studio. Please click here for details.

This page is about trumpet recording experience days where the customer records tracks at a professional recording studio like a star singer, but without the pressure!
Experiences are a gentle, fun introduction to the world of recording. The page also mentions gift experience packages and gift experiences sound equipment hire
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A brilliant memory...

Had a fantastic time. Was made to feel very welcome and enjoyed every second of it. If they can make me sound this good, they can do it to anyone!
......a brilliant memory.

Erin, Morecambe (Lancashire)

../recording/studioexperience.htmlLoved hearing my songs...through the fantastic equipment.

Wow! What an amazing day. Had a really enjoyable experience recording my songs - there is something really therapeutic about singing all day! Phil was extremely patient and helpful with timing and harmony ideas. Loved hearing my songs really loud on playback through the fantastic equipment. Highly recommend it!

Emma, London

All experience reviews

../recording/studioexperience.htmlBrilliant recording experience!

Just spent the day with Phil doing a recording experience and it was great. We managed to pack a lot in and also make me sound half decent which i'm very pleased about. Brilliant studios in an amazing location. Highly recommended.

Luke, Birmingham

Recording Studio Day - Wonderful Time......

Had an absolutely wonderful time  - Phil made me feel at home and so welcome! Nerves went after the first song - didnt matter what mistakes I made, I never felt like it was a problem. I would love to do this again and do something more original - here's to next time. Thank you so much x

Nuala Murphy, Norwich, Norfolk

Expert Help and Guidance

Excellent day!! We had a very productive time with expert help & guidance from Phil......

Cheers, Emma & Mark, Belper, Derbyshire

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Your Ttrumpet Recording Studio Experience Day

Your day begins when you arrive at the studio, and meet the team. A brief chat follows during which we introduce ourselves and find out something about you and your interest in trumpet and other music. You may wish to have a cup of tea or something else, although by that stage, you'll realise that recording in this environment is a very relaxed event, and the agenda will be set largely by you.

Then into the studio, where your tracks have already been loaded.

Phil will work with you through your numbers, and the atmosphere is light and enjoyable. As you work, you get to hear elements to the finished product, and can walk through into the main studio to listen and contribute to ideas for improvement, changes etc, and see how all those buttons work!

If you run out of material during your trumpet recording studio experience we can download or source other tracks in minutes to make the most of your day.

During the last hour you can relax whilst Phil brings your recording together, and your disc is personalised to your taste.

You then leave with a fantastic trumpet "album" to listen to - and hopefully a CD player in the car!


Star, star, star!    

Apart from our standard recording studio experience package at £250, we also offer some specialist recording experiences focused on a particular star or era. For our full range of current star recording experiences please check the list on our home page. We are able to offer packages for virtually any star that has stood the test of time, so it's worth enquiring if the name or era you're interested in is not on our list. Star Experiences also cost £250 for five hours, and are especially focused on the vocal style of the star in question.
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