our videos

The Beehouse Video Production portfolio contains around 30 local documentary style videos produced in the Powys Shropshire area for local council projects in both English and Welsh. These documentaries are made to HD video quality and can be seen on Noochoon Video Channel. All videos contain excerpts of original music written especially for the videos

Other video samples are available on request.

Pop videos

Music and Pop Videos for an important part of our output as we are musically centred, and our musical output is often accompanied by videos. Pop videos and music videos often include a studio component and a location component. Noochoon is our record label, and our pop videos are mostly available on Noochoon Youtube Channel, by clicking the "see all" link, although one or two are available on Molan Spectrum Video Channel also.
Our pop videos are carefully storyboarded to fit with current conventions and the present pop market, and we are able to bring to this equation not only the necessary skills to produce the video, but a creative input combined with a knowledge of the music industry.

studio videos

Studio videos are shot, as would be expected, in the studio, and this activity can be combined with the recording of the track or filed on a separate occasion. A studio video, shot in HD, can cost as little as £200 to shoot and sync up with the actual track recorded. We will also upload the track to Youtube within this pricing. Studio videos are excellent as promos, as they give a good objective view of the artist, and can be shot in a variety of lighting arrangements to generate the ideal mood for the track.

adverts and slideshows

Beehouse Video Production has the ideal staff balance to

music Soundtracks

Soundtracks can be selected from our ever growing library of music or written to order. You will then be licensed for the use of our music in your video in a standard way. Customers with a musical interest are welcome to start the ball rolling with their own musical designs, or you can request music of a particular type by giving us examples or eras to work from. Music brings a video to life and often creates the movement in a film experience which makes it more memorable.