our video capabilities

Above and beyond the actual shooting of videos, we offer a variety of ancillary services in-house to enhance your product, simplify planning, and keep costs down. These are as listed below


In storyboarding a video project, we work in conjunction with the customer to produce a flow of scenes and images and best convey the customer's ideas and requirements. This can be carried out by email , Skype , or physical meetings. In storyboarding preparation it is our chance to discuss with the customer the types of shots and tecchnical possibilities there are to realise his/her ideas.


Customer prepared scripts may be used, or collaboratively adapted, or an entirely new script may be developed. Costs at this stage will depend on the amount of work required to move from the storyboard stage to the scripted stage. Our scripting specialist is an advanced linguist, and works to very high standards. Scripts are developed systematically to achieve the most natural and logical flow of dialogue or narration, and proofed with the customer to ensure that the correct image and information is being protrayed.

actors and extras

Videos are often conceived before the actors, main characters and extras are auditioned. This is a process where Beehouse can be extremely useful in that it has a large number of professional and semi-professional actors on its books, and access to many experienced extras of all ages, types and abilities who may be available to complete the video successfully and efficiently. Because of our knowledge of actors' skills in terms of reading and learning lines, expressiveness and camera abilities, we can often select the ideal person for a role with the minimum of fuss and time wasted.

narration and voiceover

Beehouse Video Production offers a variety of voices to narrate documentaries and other video projects requiring a voiceover. Our voiceover artists have a wide range of experience and several standard English and dialect variations, and we have a number of native and second-language speakers of other languages on our books, including French, Welsh, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic. We have both male and female VO, and have Welsh VO also available for monolingual or bilingual information. Editing services are used in conjunction with narration to tighten up on timing and re-mould the narrated script to the video timeline.

bilingual / multilingual facilities

As explained above, we offer bilingual and multilingual facilities for the recording of narration and the creation of subtitles.

research facilities

Beehouse Video Production in fortunate enough to have a PhD researcher with an established track record of internet and other research available to enhance the facts and check the accuracy of statements made and other factual references made in your video. This research can often contribute to the authenticity and unique quality of your product, and can be useful in giving credibility to your production.


Make-up artists are provided if desired for all sets and scenes shot.


Subtitling facilities are available should you wish your film to be bilingual or multilingual. Our editing suite works with lingusits to ensure appropriate timing of foreign language subtitles.

DVD Authoring

DVD authoring is provided up to double layer and blu-ray.

location research

Beehouse staff often involve themselves in the discovery and management of video shoot locations. Often the customer or Beehouse may scout out what seems a good location, and at that point Beehouse will often go to the location and assess it in order to establish whether it will actually be feasible or even permissible, by considering it in the light of technical issues, the storyboard and the proposed shots. Beehouse will also seek out the permissions of the location owner and set up a contract with them, agreeing to the terms of use etc.


Beehouse can research and supply wardrobe where required for authenticity, or where suitable clothing is not available to the actors or participants.